Vie is a brand of luxury homes and communities developed by VCDC. Coming from the French expression, c’est la vie meaning ‘such is life’ Vie literally means life, and VCDC offers a life well-lived – sustainable, enjoyable, comfortable – as it should be.

Vie redefines luxury living according to the homebuyer’s terms, not only emphasizing style, but more importantly, how they wish to grow, play and develop mentally, physically, socially.

Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC) – a lifestyle property developer founded by Victor Consunji. VDCD specializes in single-family homes and private gated neighborhoods. VCDC’s mission is to create energetic communities for a new generation of families.

Generally outside city centers, developed as a primary home or a vacation home.

The benefits include:

  • A tight-knit community that fluidly routes to your essentials like schools, hospitals and shops, and
  • A safe and healthy environment that elevates your family experience.


Unlike mature neighborhoods which are congested and often unsafe, or metro dwellings that are beleaguered with constraints and compromises, there’s a sense of security putting your family roots down in a Vie by VCDC community which fosters joyful, healthier lifestyles.

  • Sprawling communities with amenities, wide avenues lined with monolithic styled homes reflective of contemporary homebuyers’ sense of aesthetics.
  • Rock solid structures that are also easy to maintain in the long run.
  • Big, open functional living spaces, configurable to better suit your family’s needs.
  • Health, technology and sustainability features built into the design.
  • A fusion of indoor-outdoor living with indoor pocket gardens.
  • Excellent natural ventilation using large floor- to-ceiling windows and glass doors. 
  • Skylights and lightwells that harness the power of sunlight while minimizing the need for electricity.

Design, Standard Features and Models

Inspired by the modern Brutalism architectural movement.

Brustlism style is known for its use of functional reinforced concrete and steel, modular elements, utilitarian feel, with focus on usage of straight lines and blocky, monolithic shapes. 

Vie by VCDC gives it a modern twist with angular protruding modules, big windows and glass walls that bring in light and the surrounding greenery outside.

We have three lifestyle amenities for relaxation, entertainment and your kids’ enjoyment.

The Main Clubhouse has a pool, an outdoor bar, and an art-gallery style function hall that fits 100 guests.

The Kids’ Park is the perfect play place for kids big and small with their own outdoor pool, playground, tot park, and party hall.

The Fitness Park is a wellness oasis with a basketball court, a dance hall, a fully equipped gym and a lapping pool.

High ceilings, large windows, energy-saving light, fire-retardant materials, open configurable layouts.

2.7 meters floor to ceiling standard vertical clearance

We offer carports that fit a minimum of 2 cars up to a maximum of 4 – depending on customization and your chosen lot size.

We work with highly acclaimed architects. 

Archion Artchitects for our Model Units

H1 Archtecture for our clubhouses and lifestyle amenities

EACD + Associates, an architectural and general engineering practice of design professionals well qualified in basic and applied design in architecture and structural engineering design, and can draw on the skills of a diversified group of engineering consultants.

Professional architectural and engineering services include planning, geotechnical, soil investigation, design, contract document and supervisory services for the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and sanitary aspects of the project from the very outset of the building program to final turnover.

Customization Features

With regards to the customization of your unit, yes. We’ll meet with you to discuss what can be done to customize the floor plan. Then, our Interior Design Team will re-layout the unit accordingly — all design recommendations for your consideration.

Typically, 2 to 3 floors depending on project location and model unit.

Certainly. You can purchase and combine more than one lot and build your own villa, add a pool, garden, and more on the premises.

Of course. We can work with you to develop plans for your ultimate dream home. It must meet our established aesthetic standards, but you will have generous leeway to create a more dynamic layout that suits your particular taste and needs.

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