Vie by VCDC: More than houses, it’s building your future

by Philip Cu Unjieng Facade of Vie by VCDC at Southern Plains. (Photo by Naki Mirano of Creative Genius Studios)

Vie is French for Life, and as VCDC president and CEO Victor Consunji quipped, it was the most serendipitous of names to call their new venture with Southern Plains, Calamba, Laguna as it also brings to mind the initial of his first name and the company. Tina B. Garcia, owner of Southern Plains, explained that this subdivision has been around since the mid-90s, but the continuous sprawl of development southward, and how it was conveniently located right before the congestion of the SLEX toll plaza, may make this one of the most attractive investments of the day — a development whose time has truly come.

Victor Consunji, CEO of VCDC and Tina B. Garcia, owner of Southern Plains

On a Saturday morning that was a mix of sunshine and a short dose of good-luck showers, VCDC and Southern Plains mounted a walk-through event that highlighted why this partnership, along with One Square Meter, is such an ideal one. It’s a fusion of location, design, and building know-how — all packaged in interesting offers and model units that really put quality of life post-pandemic, at the forefront.

There’s a unique selling proposition at the heart of this collaboration and it’s how VCDC is joining hands with Southern Plains to offer a unique turnkey approach. You basically choose one of the model units that VCDC has constructed, and with enough leeway for customization and “variations on the theme of,” you acquire a Southern Plains lot and have VCDC handle the construction of your home.

In fact, it goes beyond construction, as there are also a host of limited partnerships that VCDC has forged with a variety of suppliers for your home furnishings, appliances, and accessories. As Lana Johnson, VCDC marketing director, half-joked, all you had to do was move in with your clothes, when all is ready. That’s the kind of servicing that VCDC is known for — putting the client first and delivering beyond the call of duty.

Scott Woodward for Photography

Home automation, use of natural light and solar panels, a great outdoor-indoor feature, the flexibility to move spaces around, and a host of other attractive design notions — these were all put together by lead architect Nico Bacani, and interior designer Ria F. Prieto. I especially loved how they brought the outdoors, and the notion of garden and indoor greenery as an option. The rise of plantitas and plantitos should appreciate this aspect of the overall design, as instead of just bringing pots with plants into the house, you can literally create an indoor garden.

Scott Woodward for Photography

Victor also spoke at length about how the design was such that if you opened all the windows, plus the glass doors leading to the balcony, then a natural thrust to drive the hot air out was created, cooling the interiors. It also made the argument for cross-ventilation a reality, and how cool evenings could be better enjoyed.

Scott Woodward for Photography

Head to the Vie by VCDC social media platforms to learn more about exciting offers, and how modern and comfortable can blend with practical and affordable when you have VCDC in charge. As Victor mentioned, this isn’t merely about building houses or even finding you a new home, it’s also about your life, your future — and that’s why Vie wanted to ensure you have the best options and design choices.

It is evident that anyone making the choice to relocate at Southern Plains must have a host of compelling reasons for doing so, and VCDC is out to help make that decision a wise and attractive one.

From left: David Tanael, CFO, and Carl Carillo, CEO of One Square Meter; Tina B. Garcia, owner of Southern Plains; and from VCDC — CEO Victor Consunji, Business Development head Annielle Madrid, chief of Marketing & PR Lana Johnson, CFO Ralph Van Miert, and VP for Construction Bernie Mendoza. (Photo from Naki Mirano of Creative Genius Studios)Originally Published as Vie by VCDC at Southern Plains: More than houses, it’s building your future in Manila Bulletin
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